About Us
The word ‘history’ bring firstly the memory of the fights for freedom struggle like the 1857 uprising, hanging of Bhagat Singh, the battle of Plassey and many more such struggles. But ‘History’ is not limited to the study of wars, battles but much beyond that. It is the study of our language, day to day life, religious customs, food culture and its impression over geography and environment. This wholistic outlook brings us to closer to ‘our culture’. When a society evolves, alongwith evolves the society’s values, ideas and traditions which then become our ‘culture’. Our culture is reflected not only in the paintings seen in Ajanta and Ellora but also in the coins, weapons, written documents, clothes, caste system etc. and many more. We term these as our ‘cultural heritage’. And this cultural heritage becomes an important part of our identity. With our recent life style changes due to urbanization, we tend to ignore the changes seen around. At times, when one wish to pause and look back to understand the missing treasures, there arise the need of the museum. Museum, for them, becomes a treasure house of relic as well as rich unwritten knowledge of traditions.
Museum is not a warehouse of old, distinct materials but its ‘theatre of memories’. The objects in museum help us visualize the old days and thus helps us to understand ourselves better. As we race to update ourselves with the new technology, new standard of living, ‘our glorious history’ becomes immense valuable. Museums help to provide evidence of our past. Long lost past, individuals, questions are all brought before us in an interesting manner at the museum. It’s a place where education is every moment event.
With Ulhas Museum and Research Centre (UMRC), we, at Ashwamedh Pratishthan, aim to build an institution. It would be the first of the kind in Thane Municipal Corporation, Mira Bhayandar , Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Ulhasnagar, Vashi. The themes chosen by UMRC is also unique. It revolves around the river basin which covers variety of themes like bio diversity, economy, weapons, religion of people around it. There are no museums which focusses on this local culture and local history, thus becoming first of its kind. It will be an inspiration to the curious minds.
UMRC will be an important platform to encourage studies in these Municipal Corporation area thus helping in their better planning of infrastructures. The study of local bio diversity, wildlife and habitat will help the administration to plan with a better understanding of the needs of the nature and the people. UMRC will be a foremost structure in this area, unique in its theme and subject matter. It will be an epitome of knowledge centre.

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